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JAR Class 2 Medical

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If you are going to be hurtling around in the sky, in a metal object at high speeds, best to be sure you won't have a heart attack with the excitment. Built up areas + high speed metal objects falling from the sky = bad. And so the class 2 medical was born.

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Briefest of overviews

The class 2 medical is for those people who are interested in flying but who arn't intested in getting paid for it. And good job too - there are plenty of people milling around who are wanting to get cash in their pocket for this sky-based activity.

The fact that you will not be transporting hundreds of people around the globe means that the medical restrictions are less severe for the class 2 medical. It is also cheaper, and are longer periods of time between checkups, so your wallet withers less compared to the class 1.