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JAR Class 1 Medical

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Passengers prefer it if the pilot that's flying them is not about to adopt an alarmingly slumped posture over the flight controls. For this reason, the class 1 medical requirements are more stringent than class 2.

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Briefest of overviews

If you have never held a class 1 medical before, you will need to get an initial class 1 medical examination done. This is an 'in depth' medical exam, conducted by the friendly folks at the dragons den; CAA headquarters in Gatwick. This lasts around half a day and will cover a broad range of your body's operations.

Well used Cessna

Once you have passed the initial exam, there will be an annual check-up to attend, to make sure you haven't hideously deteriorated in that time. Once you are above a certain age, and depending on the type of flying you do, this rises to every six months. Shrivelly wallet alert!