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Multi Crew Co-Operation Course (MCC)

Learn to work in peace and harmony

With the Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating in the bag, does this mean you can fly for the airlines now? Short answer - no. Unless you have been military man/lady and you have been granted an exception by the all powerful CAA.

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Briefest of overviews

The MCC's purpose is to train you into working as part of a multi-crew team. It teaches you to communicate in an efficient and concise way, and also tells you not to shriek at the other guy if they do something wrong.

Costa Del Blackpool

There is both a groundschool and simulator aspect to this course, and while you might expect the simulator part to be better, you'd be right. Although groundschool has it's moments.

You will be introduced to common SOPs that are found in most airlines, and will have the opportunity to act as both pilot flying and pilot not flying. This course gives you an insight into what you are likely to be doing on a daily basis should you decide to join an airline - as you will not only be expected to work with the other pilot, but with the dispatchers, passengers, cabin crew, emergency services, and air traffic that all make up the larger team of your flight.

Perhaps the best part of this course is the distinct lack of simulator or groundschool tests! Let's hear it for the MCC!