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JAA Instrument Rating

Learn to fly entirely by looking at some moving plastic things

If you are wanting to be an airline pilot, or you would just like to be freed from the whole can-only-fly-when-you-can-see-in-front-of-you constraint on your PPL, then the IR is for you!

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Briefest of overviews

You can get the instrument rating as either a CPL or PPL holder, and it will allow you to fly in almost any weather (within reason). This very handy for the exotic climes of the United Kingdom.

Costa Del Blackpool

This course is often thought as of being the most difficult, with is reflected in the first time pass rates: somewhere around 40%.

You will be learning how to take-off, leave your departure aerodrome in an instrumenty way, navigate to your destination aerodrome, do some other nifty instrumental things, then land. All this while not being able to see out of the window, from gear up, all the way until you are about 500ft from landing.

Easy then!