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Hour Building

Why, where and how to do it

If you are thinking of slapping some extra ratings onto your PPL, chances are you are going to need to get some hours under your belt in order to do this. This is because most post-PPL ratings require a minimum number of hours, so you have gained some real life experience, and perhaps a few soiled undergarments as a bonus too.

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Briefest of overviews

As long as you have done some flying after receiving your turd-brown PPL license (and if you haven't, you've kinda wasted £6000), you have already done some hour building, so this really shouldn't need too much of it's own topic pages.

Hour building can take the form of anything you want as long as it ends up with an entry in your logbook (preferably as P1 (solo) time). So it is up to you how interesting or tedious you make it.

Tedious Airfield


You can do your hour building at the club you learnt to fly at, at a different club at a different airport, or even convert your license and fly abroad! You also have a JAR license now, so you can fly into the European mainland should you decide to (why you'd want to leave this green and pleasant land is beyond me though). The sky really is the limit! Such wit.

So what are the minimum hours you need to start adding the extra ratings onto your PPL; or start training for your CPL? Well for that, you need to read on!