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JAA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Lets you earn the monies!

What could be better than actually being paid to fly? With a CPL, this can become glorious reality! Well, a CPL and a job, but they're so easy to come by it's barely worth mentioning (note to complete novice readers: It is hard to emphasise enough the amount of sarcasm dripping off that little sentence).

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Briefest of overviews

The commercial pilot license is in many respects a suped-up PPL, with tighter limits on manouevres and navigation. It is also teaching you how to become an ambassador of aviating, by providing guidance on how to treat the passengers (hint: shouting 'sit down and shut up!' is generally frowned upon).

There is also much more emphasis on thinking about the consequences of your actions. You are expected to keep time in the air to a minimum, and to make sure your are flying in an economical way. More thought is also given to emergencies - including how to brief passengers.

Scared pax

If you are wanting to fly aircraft with multiple engines, you are going to need a CPL/ME, which stands for a Commercial Pilot License/Multi Engine. This allows you to earn the moneys in larger aircraft when compared to just getting a Commercial Pilot License/Single Engine (CPL/SE).

There are various routes you can take to end up with a CPL/ME, and these are discussed on the following pages.