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JAA ATPL Theory Exams

Teaching you the whole caboodle of aviation. Nearly.

The JAA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Theory Exams; not the most exciting bit in your quest for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, but a necessary evil nonetheless.

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Briefest of overviews

There are 14 ATPL written exams in total for you to pass in order to safely jump this hurdle, encompassing a broad spectrum of aviationally related subjects (as you will have the joy of discovering in the coming pages).

There is 660 hours of study required altogether, and you can do these hours in a classroom setting by going on a full-time residential course. For those of you who have the will power of somebody who has a lot of will power, then you can also complete the course using the distance learning method. If you study hard, and study full-time, you can probably knock them on the head in six months.

There is a lot to learn.

Hell on Earth

That's about three feet of paper, filled with ATPL, that you have to learn in six months. And when it comes to going for job interviews, you're gonna have to learn it all again. And when it comes to getting that job, a good chunk floats away from your brain, majestically on the wind.