Record Losses at BA


Okay, so the above image may well be a little misleading, as £400m losses are probably a deck chair off the Titanic that is BA’s bank account – but the fact they are the worst losses since privatisation in 1987 still stands.

Why am I writing this on what is a website mainly focussing on the truly thrilling world of flight training? Because results like this should be affecting the decisions made by commercial pilots in the making. If the airlines are making losses, and are showing negative growth across the board, they are certainly not going to be looking to hire fresh faced and bright eyed new pilots. Just look at my current CV record:

My one reply was rather blunt.

My one reply was rather blunt.

In the BBC interview, Mr Walsh says that he can see “no signs of recovery anywhere”. Fuel prices have increased for BA by nearly 45% in one year to £3bn. The pound is weak, and fuel is sold in dollars. Passenger numbers are way down. Premium Business travellers are increasingly looking for cheaper options. And these are all challenges faced by their competitors too. Worldwide, airlines are expected to make nearly $5bn in losses this year.

Why do I keep posting links to the BBC? Because it is awesome.

What a wonderfully opportune time to be getting into the industry! (It is hard to truly emphasise enough the irony dripping, oozing and glooping off every word in the sentence). The best thing to do in these times, if you have your heart really set (and I mean really really really really really really really set) on becoming a pilot is to go modular. Pace your training reasonably slowly so you can continue to earn money. Keep withered wallet syndrome as far away from you as possible! Try not to join the huge queue of unemployed pilots (both 250hr people and hundreds/thousands of hour type rated people) for as long as you can.

Current Pilot Jobline. No, I didn't know there were so many elderly ladies in it either.

Current Pilot Jobline. No, I didn't know there were so many elderly ladies in it either.

Finish at the earliest in 2012-2013. Enjoy the Olympics. Hope the Mayans are incorrect about that whole end of the world thing. Have faith that the Americans will keep Obama, and not vote in someone with the IQ of a sock.

Pilot training is a long road. One sadly upon which you will be mugged by various people and organisations, repeatedly, and without cessation. They will suckle your wallet until the leather crumbles. Your debit card will erode away under the constant swiping. The ATM will not have a wide enough slot to dispense to you such voluminous wads of cash. Your bank will phone you, thinking you have become the victim of Nigerian fraudsters. And you will see your account quickly drain of funds, and you will weep.

Take it slow!

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  1. TomH says:

    Oh how true, my QXC and skills test set me back about a £££grand!!!

  2. Jethro says:

    I love your CV picture, very funny

  3. natasha says:

    LOL! this article is sooo funny, BUT, its broken my heart, i always wanted to be a pilot but looks like i’m stuck with a ‘designer’ :-(

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