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Steven’s PPL Diary 7: Turning

Monday, October 12th, 2009


Day 6 – Back to Normality
Turning, straight and level (with turning), climbing (with turning), descending (with more turning)

[Exercise 6,7,8,9]

Well, as I’ve had Sam proof reading, uploading and adding his possibly world renowned photoshopped images to my oh-so many entries (Cat’s out of the bag, I don’t upload the diary myself) there’s still nothing new that I can point my many millions of fans too.

This week the pre-flight briefing included a look at the various angles of bank required at various times, and this time I got the answer to the question wrong.

Oh dear Steven.

Oh dear Steven.


Steven’s PPL Diary 1: Climbing, Descending and Checks

Sunday, September 6th, 2009


When approached by the upper echelons of the Profpilot management team (Sam) to write a diary of my PPL training I thought “How could I say no?” Donning my 4-bar epaulettes, sheep skin lined leather jacket and authority commanding pilot’s moustache I took to my computer to write the first (of hopefully many) PPL diary entries.

Standard profpilot contributor garb.

Standard profpilot contributor garb.

For those of you who wish to follow along with my oh-so exciting tales, I’m following “Air Pilot’s Manual – Flying Training” which can be purchased from the ProfPilot shop and some other aviation related book stores (But Sam doesn’t get commission from those).