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Steven’s PPL Diary 7: Turning

Monday, October 12th, 2009


Day 6 – Back to Normality
Turning, straight and level (with turning), climbing (with turning), descending (with more turning)

[Exercise 6,7,8,9]

Well, as I’ve had Sam proof reading, uploading and adding his possibly world renowned photoshopped images to my oh-so many entries (Cat’s out of the bag, I don’t upload the diary myself) there’s still nothing new that I can point my many millions of fans too.

This week the pre-flight briefing included a look at the various angles of bank required at various times, and this time I got the answer to the question wrong.

Oh dear Steven.

Oh dear Steven.


Steven’s PPL Diary 2: Trimming

Monday, September 14th, 2009


Day 2 – Getting to ‘second base’ with the aircraft.
Aircraft Familiarisation, again.

[Exercises 1 – 4, Part II]

Well, after my abysmal entrance into the little Piper Cherokee last time I visited the very wonderful profpilot forum for helpful advice (This is my weekly profpilot shameless attempt at advertising). So, my second lesson began with my logbook and a new shiny checklist clutched in my hands, out standing near the aircraft with the wind blowing one hell of a gale, it wasn’t cloudy, but boy was it windy. Jumping up on the wing trying desperately to not be blown off, and threw myself into the aircraft. (more…)