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Steven’s PPL Diary 7: Turning

Monday, October 12th, 2009


Day 6 – Back to Normality
Turning, straight and level (with turning), climbing (with turning), descending (with more turning)

[Exercise 6,7,8,9]

Well, as I’ve had Sam proof reading, uploading and adding his possibly world renowned photoshopped images to my oh-so many entries (Cat’s out of the bag, I don’t upload the diary myself) there’s still nothing new that I can point my many millions of fans too.

This week the pre-flight briefing included a look at the various angles of bank required at various times, and this time I got the answer to the question wrong.

Oh dear Steven.

Oh dear Steven.


Steven’s PPL Diary 6: Gliding Descents

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Day 6 – You’re not my aircraft.
Descending – With some climbing and some more straight and level flight.

[Exercise 6,7,8]

Without any portion of the Profpilot website I can unofficially advertise, that’s currently related to my training maybe it’s time I tried to gleam some freebies from aviation related companies, to give some sort of half-baked review… (I can dream, can’t I?)

Your pilots' portable urinal eagerly awaits your hands on testing Steven!

Your pilots' portable urinal eagerly awaits your hands on testing Steven!


Steven’s PPL Diary 3: First Takeoff

Friday, September 25th, 2009


Straight and level flight
[Exercise 5 – 6]

So with two flights under my belt and a grand total of 1:50hr on the Cherokee you’d expect that I would be masterful beyond all belief, as apparent in some PPL diaries, alas not here my friends. This week I enter the hanger with my logbook and shiny new checklist (Purchased from the school in ‘Week 2’)

Today the briefing was quite simple for straight and level flight covered the various cruise speeds, reasons for using the different speeds, rpm settings and the dreaded PAT (Power, attitude, trim) again, I shall leave you to gleam these tidbits of knowledge yourself. I will advise you to go out and purchase yourself a notebook before this point, as I was told to do during the briefing, lots of numbers/facts and figures to note down. hint: If caught without notebook, use face. hint: If caught without notebook, use face.