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How Hard Is It To Become A Pilot?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009


Short answer: not very. Well if George Bush up there can manage it, it can’t be right? However, as that is not a very good article, I will now expand that answer into this 1400 word illustrated monstrosity. I apologise.

Flying is all about doing lots of little easy things correctly, and in the right order. You could be a master at artistically and dexterously extending the landing gear for example, but that won’t help if you’ve already touched the tarmac.

"Gear Down, Please"

Gear Down, Please

There are two major groups of skills required when you are training to become a pilot: those that you need to fly in the air well (the fun bit), and those that you need to sit on the ground studying well (the slightly more dull bit) to pass all those wonderful as they are difficult exams.

This article looks at what some of these qualities are, whether you want to fly for fun or if you want to become a paid pilot. It also asks how hard it is to pick up the new skills and knowledge that you need to fly, in a manner least conducive towards crashment. (more…)

Qualifications Needed To Become A Pilot

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009


Employers only let you take their large metallic airborne vehicles up into the sky if you have something a little bit more than the standard 20 meters swimming certificate you got when you were eight.

God Dammit.

God Dammit.

So what do you need, and what are good extras to help you learn to fly, and to improve your (currently steamrollered wafer thin) chances of getting employed at an aerially based organisation? Read on for more details on this truly exciting subject.

This is a general guide for what to do, as whether your ultimate goal is an airline pilot job or crop duster – they all need the same licence in order to get paid for it!