On An Exotic Excursion…


I’m terribly sorry, but I am away for the week and there will be a distinct lack of any kind of enthrallingly entertaining new profpilot content for the time being. However, you may exact your revenge with the image of me trying desperately to have a fun time on a beach, in Norfolk.

Aforementioned Norfolk Beach

Aforementioned Norfolk Beach

However I have stumbled upon a video on my travels around the internet which you might find handy.

While it would appear that they have slightly higher production values than our own videos, FullFlap.TV is answering the question of how to keep yourself inspired to fly after you’ve got your licence.

A question dear to my heart, as keeping the whole CPL/IR shebang current is a very wallet shrivelling process. Especially if you are a waiter and your table of 28 lawyers with an £1000 bill only left you a £3 tip last night. Placed stoically on a dish in the centre of their champagne drizzled table I might add. Bastards.

Anyway – here is the fullflap.tv interview video below. I can only hope it makes up for my lack of being here this week.


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