Pilot Makes [insert amusing toilet pun here] Landing

Just saw this (”US plane crash lands on toilets“) on the BBC, thought it would make a most drole start to the profpilot articles section, as well as setting the tone.

To summise, it appears a man in Washington State was saved by ‘plopping‘ into a heap of toilets, after being ‘bogged down‘ by an an engine failure following ‘take-off‘. He tried to turn back to the airfield but was ‘caught a little short‘. Pilot was on his own without any of his ‘brown haired step children‘ although sadly there was no ‘number 2‘ engine to help. Ended up inverted on a pile of ‘oaken wood-chips‘ (and that is actually fact). All that would knock anyone off their ‘stool‘, but turns out he managed to ‘squeeze out‘ of the wreckage and ‘evacuate‘ himself to safety without much of a ‘jobbie‘.


Whadaya think? Pretty good sentence to poop metaphor ratio there, even if I say it myself. Must’ve scared the crap out of him.

On a more serious note, good to hear the guy was okay, although I am slightly puzzled about the reason why there would be such a gathering of toilets (I am unsure of the collective noun for toilet. Is it a herd of toilets? a pack? a murder?) so close to an airport. Maybe there was a KFC nearby. God I hate KFC.

Anyway – Ryanair take note! If you are thinking of charging for use of your toilets, this could be what customers are driven to!

What a crappy situation

That's what I call a sticky situation

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