Steven’s PPL Diary 5: Power, Attitude, Trim


Day 5 (Or, what should have been day 4) – Bernoulli vs. Newton
Climbing – With some straight and level.

[Exercise: 6 – 7]

With the spare time due to the lack of a lesson last time, I was able to watch the fantastic profpilot flight training videos (Unfortunately ‘somebody’ hadn’t finished the new and improved lift video by then). None the less, I knew lift wasn’t achieved by God, or lift pixies. (Even if you do pray your heavy, metallic aircraft gets off the ground before you run out of runway.)

The Pope found this out the hard way.

The Pope found this out the hard way.

Today I came prepared with my logbook, check list and rather dashing notebook (Not dashing like the expensive “Pilot’s notebooks”, as it was a cheap supermarket bought notebook, but dashing nonetheless). Pre-flight briefing includes acronyms such as CLIMB, PAT (Again with the damn trimming!) and APT, plus various speeds, figures etc.

Briefing finished, checks all done and off we’re heading for the runway, this time however we taxi up the runway and turn around for a take-off. Surprisingly this makes things more difficult, the landmarks I’m used to seeing are behind us so it was a little disorientating, stupid wind direction. Nevertheless we go through the different types of climb, best rate and cruise climb levelling out along with all the trimming (I really hate the trim wheel).

Pictured: A saddened and hurt trim wheel.

Pictured: A saddened and hurt trim wheel.

Lesson was coming to an end and we head back to ‘the white blob’ flew the circuit and onto finals, now just waiting for him to say “I have control”, runway gets closer, he doesn’t say it, a little closer, he has his hands on the controls and throttle helping me put it on the runway, he pulls back a little on the controls and closes the throttle and we’re on the ground. Taxying back, after landing checks, shut down check, really don’t want to have to do that again, scary as hell.

Next Time: Exercise 8 – Descending

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