Steven’s PPL Diary 10: More Circuits


Day 9: I can see clearly now, the fog has gone.

[Exercise: 12 – 13]

Well it seems that the weather God’s have shined down on me, along with the sun, and finally after 4 weeks of not being able to fly, I finally got to get up in the sky. Clear skies, a slight wind and it was back to circuit training for me.

I can see the end of the runway in November!!!

I can see the end of the runway in November!!!

Quick brief covering the basics of what was being covered, expected speeds, heights a bit of BUMF and away we went. Checks completed and the instructor joins me in the aircraft, he calls up air traffic and within minutes we’re climbing through 500ft. I make a turning climb to the left, and level out at 1000’ flying the circuit I have a tendency to not keep the recommended distance away from the aircraft.

Pictured: Not recommended distance

Pictured: Not recommended separation distance

Before I know it I have the runway in sight, and am all set for landing with a bit of power control issues and quite bit of attitude issues (Basically I was pretty rubbish and had the instructor land it) we touched down, flaps clean and back on the power to take off again.

Coming around for the second attempt I get asked to give a radio call, panicked and with sweaty palms in my best aviator voice I call, “Golf Delta Delta, downwind” Scary at first, but I did it, I didn’t mess it up, you’d be amazed how easy I can mess up four simple words.

The source of many a student pilots flustering

The source of flusterication

The call back tells us there’s an aircraft on the runway and we should go around at no less than 400’. Facing the runway I have the aircraft all set up and coming down below 500’ I put in full power and climb away. Heading back into the circuit another downwind call made we’re informed of another aircraft on the runway and we hold in a circle near the base leg, aircraft cleared and we come back to land, this time I’m a little more effective with power and attitude with small adjustments from the instructor as we come in to land I don’t exactly close the throttle (Read: kept too much power on) and we started climbing away from the runway, throttle then closed instructor puts it down on the rear wheels.

We take off again and fly one last circuit, I get to give the downwind call again, and also get to give the “Report final, Golf Delta Delta.” return call. Setting up for the approach is now becoming slightly more second nature, I still have issues with the RPM settings before adding flap stages, sometimes too high a setting, sometimes too low, never just right yet. Coming into land I still have problems with the throttle settings, it’s just so difficult to get it set, just right as well as do everything else.

And that’s the end of this flight, next time, circuits, circuits, circuits. I’ve yet to crash, although I was close with scraping the wing tip taxing, but that’s a story for another time.

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