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About Us - A Brief History

Who the heck am I, and why am I writing about flight training?!

This site is the result of one very bored pilot (I know I keep using the words 'us' and 'we' in the site- it's to make it all sound slightly more professional! Does that counteract all the other drivel on here though? Doubtful).

About Me

I am a 21 year old happy holder of a CPL/ME/IR/MCC who happens to be currently employed as a waiter. I'm a little uncertain what I am supposed to be doing with my life now I have trained hard to get here, to be thrown off the flight training cliff into a large seething mass of fellow unemployed aviators.

Damn you worldwide recession!

I am a 24 year old ex holder of a CPL/ME/IR/MCC currently employed as a waiter, and racking up more glorious debt as a student at university (where I get to write things like this, following the "success" of the enthralling profpilot video series).

To anybody starting on the pilot route; any questions fire away in the forums! I've been through it all - so just give me a shout and I'll be happy to help.

History of profpilot.co.uk

Profpilot.co.uk was originally put together in a week between the end of my IR course and the beginning of the MCC, in July 2008, to help aspiring pilots find out what to expect on each of their courses. All the articles were solid text, the logo and colour scheme were literally horrific, and I wrote it in a very tedious way. Plus I had never been taught how to do a website, and it was entirely trial and error to get it to work.

old logo

Then I went to Botswana for a while, to look for a bush pilot job. This did not go well as when visiting home for Christmas I got rather ill and had to have some intestine removed. Bed-ridden, angry at the world, and probably smelling faintly of urine, I decided to have another go at the website. Couldn't really do anything else. Couldn't even cough without the danger of my abdomen sweeping back like a fleshy theatre curtain with a spliced intestine sagging pathetically on the stage within. I apologise for that rather gruesome (although poetic) sentence.

I decided that my site was one of many of a similar genre, and it needed to stand out from the crowd a bit more. So I set to work rewriting everything to make it more interesting, photoshopping a lot of bizarre scenes, and updating the rather windows 98esque colour scheme I had going on.

New featuresU were added; the flight school map and review capability, the articles section, and I started making the flight training videos. The forums were updated, a search function introduced, and I finally got rid of that god-awful logo.

And now profpilot.co.uk is a bastion of information on flight training. Well, certainly a source of information on flight training. Hopefully you have found it useful.

If you have - please contribute in whichever way you see fit! Or at least tell your aviationally related friends about us. There I go again with the 'us'. It's really just me.